Medicinal Chemistry Research Group
Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest


Inaugural address
György M. Keserű has given his inaugural address as a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences today, titled "Drug discovery at the university, industry and academia".

New colleague
It is our pleasure to welcome Noémi Csorba, who will work on synthetic preparative chemistry and computational modeling.

Media coverage
Our Nature Communications paper on the SpotXplorer fragment library design approach was featured in the prominent scientific blogs Nature Portfolio Chemistry Community and Practical Fragments. In addition, the study received wide coverage in the Hungarian mainstream media, including,, Klubrádió,, and, and was featured on the webpages of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (in English), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Research Centre for Natural Sciences.

PhD defense
Based on his successful PhD defense on the 7th of January ("Development of methods for Covalent modification of proteins), László Petri was awarded with the PhD degree by the Doctoral Committee of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Congratulations!

Gábor Dénes Award for György M. Keserű
Our group congratulates György M. Keserű for being awarded with the Gábor Dénes Award of the NOVOFER Foundation. The Gábor Dénes Award recognizes Hungarian scientists and engineers with outstanding achievements in innovation, and in the coordination of highly complex innovative projects. In addition to his contributions to the discovery of several active pharmaceutical ingredients, the award recognizes the key role of Prof. Keserű in coordinating the development of the laboratory synthesis and industrial-scale production for the antiviral agent Favipiravir, an important pillar of managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary.

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